Terms of Service

Membership of DOCRRA is governed by Section 5 of the Constitution, which states:


a) Acceptance of membership applications shall be at the discretion of the Committee.

b) Any person who ceases to own or occupy rateable property within the Dolphin Coast Area will cease to be a member unless otherwise approved by the Committee for specific reasons.

c) Nothing herein contained shall prevent the Committee from admitting a person who is not the owner or occupier of rateable property, to membership agreed to by the Committee.

d) Paid up member is a member whose annual subscription is up to date.

e) Members will have access to certain benefits, which will be determined from time to time.

f) Members will have the right to exercise their votes on DOCRRA matters.

g) Any member, whose annual subscription is more than three months in arrears, or who has given notice of his /her intention to resign, shall be declared no longer a member.

h) Any Member that is found to act in a manner that is not appropriate and/or not in the best interest of DOCRRA, may be declared, by the Committee, to no longer be a Member.”

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