Post-Election Promises & Why DOCRRA Never Sleeps: Municipal Oversight is Now More Important Than Ever

The election is over, and the results have been announced, but South Africa (and KZN in particular) is far from breathing a sigh of relief.  The voice of the electorate has been resoundingly clear, but exactly what that means both nationally and provincially has most of us still biting our nails in uncertainty. 


As our political parties court one another in an attempt to secure their seats at the table, our media headlines have turned away from the actual business of governing the country to a myriad of permutations of power dynamics. 


At DOCRRA, however, it’s business as usual: holding our elected and appointed officials to account to ensure service delivery for the Dolphin Coast – no matter WHO is in power.


In fact, it’s in times of change and uncertainty that our role as a civil society watchdog now becomes more important than ever.  When politicians are consumed by maneuvering for pole position, it’s our place to remind them that they were elected to do a job and serve their community, despite whatever internal party drama may be going on. 


Our apolitical stance gives us the strength to advocate for the best for our residents without fear or favour.  Regardless of the shape of things to come, we remain wholeheartedly committed to delivering the information, access, influence and accountability that this community deserves.


Watch this space for updates in the coming weeks as DOCRRA maintains momentum on resolving current issues and those carried over from pre-election with the same determination to see positive results, if not more. 


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