Municipal Ward Committees – We need YOU!


There is no better time for you to get involved in active citizenship than NOW!

Ward Committees for Kwadukuza are in the process of being elected and we urge our Dolphin Coast community members  to attend and participate in these meetings. This is your chance to have a say in how we are governed!

What are Ward Committees, and why are they important?

Public participation is a vital part of our democracy and allows for citizens to get involved in how their communities are governed. At local government level the Local Government: Municipal Structures Act, 1998, requires, among others, that municipalities develop mechanisms to consult communities and community organisations in performing their functions and exercising its powers.

These structures are commonly known as Ward Committees, and provide a vital link between Ward Councillors, the community, and the municipality. They allow for members of communities to influence municipal planning in a manner which best addresses their needs.

DOCRRA has got a seat on each of the wards on the Dolphin Coast as we have been registered as a community organisation with KDM.

The Ward Committees are in the process of being elected and we urge the community to attend and participate in these meetings.

The link to view the Program Dates for the election of these committees for your particular wards: Program and dates for Ward Committee Elections 

Why are ward committees important?

Ward committees are crucial in the local government system as they are the link between the councillor and the community.

The ward committee system is also said to play a critical role in giving meaning to the notion of “the people shall govern”. This is so because local government is regarded as the level of government closest to the people and ward committees are just one way to ensure that citizens give input to the decisions that local councils make.

The South African Local Government Association, which is the sole representative of all municipalities, says ward committees are also important in fostering relations between ward councillors and key stakeholders at ward level, such as traditional councils and community development workers.

Primary Function

The primary function of a ward committee is to be a formal communication channel between the community and the municipal council. Ward committees are the advisory committees which make recommendations on matters affecting the ward or the community. In order to be elected to a ward committee, one MUST be resident in that ward. 

A ward committee consists of:

  • the councillor as the chair and
  • up to 10 persons who are elected by the community from within the ward.

The ward councillor, being the chair, is the direct link between ward committee, the community and the council and must ensure that community problems are dealt with in an appropriate way and that feedback is communicated to the ward committee and citizens.

A ward committee may make recommendations on any matter affecting its ward to the ward councillor, or through the ward councillor to the municipal council, the executive committee or support committee.


The ward committee is regarded as the statutory structure recognised by the municipal council as its consultative body and communication channel on matters affecting the ward, including, but not limited to:

  • representing the community on the compilation and implementation of the Integrated Development Plan (IDP).
  • ensuring constructive and harmonious interaction between the municipality and the community.
  • attending to all matters that affect and benefit the community.
  • acting in the best interest of the community, and
  • ensuring active participation of the community in the municipality’s budgetary process.


The following link is to a video clip that provides a clear summary and understanding of the role of ward councillors and their committees.

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