Chairman’s Update – 24 August 2020

The impending arrival of Spring and the shift to Level 2 Lockdown has brought with it several positive developments that we would like to share with the community..

Working through lockdown has posed a number of challenges for all of us, including the DOCRRA committee, however we are happy to report that we are making progress on a number of issues which take top priority for Dolphin Coast residents.


The cherry picker to repair streetlights has been spotted for the first time in many months. This is a start, yet DOCRRA has unfortunately not been able to set up a meeting with Executive Director Sibusiso Jali to discuss the plan to address this major problem, despite best efforts to do so.  The DOCRRA subcommittee on streetlights has agreed that we should now report this lack of response to the KDM Executive and a letter to this effect has been sent to the Mayor and Municipal Manager on Monday, 17 August.  We await their response and will report back with any updates as soon as they are received.

To my delight I have just been informed by one of our committee members that this work has started! Maybe our letter was taken seriously and initiated the start of repairing the streetlights. Thank you KDM! We have established that the following roads have been addressed so far:

  • Sheffield Drive
  • Hugh Dent Drive
  • Basil Hulett Drive
  • Ocean Drive (partly) Those not on are marked with danger tape ribbons which I presume means further intervention required.
  • Wilkes Road – photo

Roads and Traffic

In addition to the streetlights, the condition and maintenance of our roads remains a high priority for us.  The DOCRRA subcommittee on roads and traffic hosted a successful meeting with the Executive Director of Civils and Human Settlements, Muzi Sithole, and his team. This Zoom meeting was well-attended and potholes, road failures and other problems were recorded. Director Sithole has given us his commitment that they are being attended to. A number of teams and contractors are rebuilding capacity, and materials, after hard Lockdown, and urgent remedial action has already started. The Dolphin Coast community should be seeing some results over the next few weeks.

The Greater Ballito area Road Traffic Study was also discussed, and it was agreed that when this study is completed, the DOCRRA team and community will be able to consider it and share their input.

We are also happy to report that the traffic wardens have returned to key intersections at peak traffic times.

KDM Motor and Driver Licensing offices

The KDM Motor and Driver Licensing offices have reopened on weekdays from 08h00 to 14h00 and on Saturdays from 08h00 to 13h00.  Admission to the offices will be closed around 11h30/12h00 depending on the number of patrons yet to be served already inside.

Purchase of Office Building for KDM

Looking ahead, DOCRRA is awaiting the internal report on the rationale and feasibility of the R15m bond that is being applied for to purchase certain buildings where the Municipal Offices are housed. Once this report has been received, and analysed by the DOCRRA subcommittee on finance, we will report back thereon prior to the 28 August deadline.

DOCRRA digital media strategy

We have also had meetings of our subcommittee on communication with specific reference to a digital media strategy.


The DOCRRA AGM subcommittee has also met to plan the Lockdown-delayed AGM. Notice will be published once confirmed.

In Conclusion

It has been a busy week and we look forward to sharing more progress with you soon.  Our thanks go out to our fantastic group of solution-driven volunteers and the continued support of our members.

Deon Viljoen

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