DOCRRA Comments on the draft Annual Report 2021-2022

DOCRRA compliments the drafters of the annual report on a dramatically improved presentation of the report. We are pleased that the requests from DOCRRA, over the last few years, have been considered. The report is now indexed, has a logical flow of information, and sets out the functions of KDM in great detail. It is always a good reminder to read the comprehensive range of activities KDM considers and plans to implement.


As was done previously, DOCRRA will group their comments under the Good, Bad and Ugly categories:


 The Good

  • The presentation of the Annual Report is much improved.
  • DOCRRA is delighted to notice the steady annual improvement of Basic Service Delivery. Although 62% is still not acceptable, the improvement from 48%, three years ago, is welcomed.


 The Bad

  • The individual departmental performance assessments are missing in the draft report. We trust these will be added in the final report as they are key indicators which the community demands.
  • After a good increase in overall performance of KDM in the previous financial year, it is very disappointing to see this drop by 11% to 57%. Key contributors to the decrease are in the critical KPA’s of Institutional Development and Transformation, Viability and Financial Management and Good Governance and Public Participation.
  • The 75 vacant positions (7% of the total) are alarming and hampers KDM to improve service delivery.


 The Ugly

  • The underspending of Operating and especially Capital Budgets, continues. Coupled with the trend of over collecting in certain revenue categories, this increases an already bloated cash surplus.
  • Of grave concern is the rapid and ever-increasing electricity losses. It is evident in the mid-year results of the current year, that this continues to worsen, and what once was a surplus revenue centre form for KDM (as it should be,) this is becoming a revenue burden. Although smaller amounts, the same trend is evident in the area of waste services revenue collection.
  • It is most disappointing to see the trends of poor performance highlighted by DOCRRA, are still evident, and in some cases worse in the mid-year results for 2022-2023.


DOCRRA continues to interact with the executive team at KDM to ensure improvement in good governance, performance, and consequence management.


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