Electricity: Outage = Upgrade!

Dear Dolphin Coast Community, 


We understand your frustration over the planned electricity interruption at the end of this week, as it affects everyone in a big way! However, for once, this interruption is actually for our good, in the long term.


The work that is being done this week will improve the distribution and transmission of electricity, by upgrading the grid to accommodate the new SCADA system. This is the electronic control and fault detection function, which will not only improve our electricity supply but improve the speed with which faults can be identified and corrected. The new system also allows loadshedding to be controlled and managed automatically, rather than manually, as it is currently operated.


We’d like to encourage you to keep the long-term goal of this operation in mind, and bear with KDM and all the role-players as they carry out this upgrade. 


DOCRRA also engaged with KDM last week to discuss the option of staging this outage after working hours. Unfortunately, this is not possible due to a number of reasons: 

  1. The work that needs to be done at Ballito will be affected by a team from the Original Equipment Manufacturer from Johannesburg with support from international experts.
  2. The current contract is based on work being affected during working hours, allowing support from international experts.
  3. Effecting this work outside working hours will be against the existing plan and contract conditions.
  4. Basically doing this work outside normal working hours will be a total change of contract scope that will trigger contract and budget amendments.
  5. Contract and budget amendments is another long budget adjustment and SCM process.
  6. This work is urgent due to Safety of personnel as well as preparation for the implementation of SCADA the project.


We thank you in advance for your patience and understanding as we look to the future with a stronger infrastructure, and hopefully less, shorter or NO unplanned outages taking place soon. This is a great example of our rates being administered correctly, and put to good use! 


Electricity is just one of the many issues that DOCRRA concerns itself with. Analysing, reviewing and commenting on the Annual Report is one of our major activities every year.


Look out for our review and submission later this week! 


If you value the insight and information on all things related to the accountability of our municipality, please consider joining DOCRRA by clicking here.


Yours always in active citizenship, 


Deon Viljoen

DOCRRA Chairperson

Dolphin Coast Residents & Ratepayers Association

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