Festive Season tips for Dolphin Coast Locals

While we are extremely grateful for the extra spenders boosting our local economy, the festive season is challenging for us locals, right? It may be a good time to go and explore the many inland and less popular attractions we have. We are spoilt for choice.


But we are a patient and resilient bunch, we have proved that once again in the last 2 years of extreme challenges on all fronts. We truly resemble the ever-present dolphins gracing our shoreline.


The good news is, there is a beginning and an end to this season, so let us take a deep breath, make space for our visitors, and welcome them in our shops and restaurants, our streets, and highways, and of course our beaches. Like every boy scout and girl guide, be prepared, and weather the storm with tenacity and a big smile on your face! You are even permitted to boast a bit. Our strong and caring civil society, all our municipalities’ bills are paid, we have a credible water supply, and so much more.


Shop early in the day, and more than usual – stock up those pantries and fridges – and if you must, try online shopping for a change. Local is lekker. Rediscover those smaller tucked away independently owned and small business shops and eateries.


Use the basement parking bays at the malls – the visitors hardly use them. Walk a little further – it’s good for our health too! If there is an alternative and safe back road to your destination, take it, rather than the busier roads. Be a patient, calm and courteous driver – make space for the pent-up stresses of our visitors, and arrive safely. Always have a designated driver or use the services of an Uber or taxi.


Lend a hand where you can, and be a Dolphin Coast ambassador.


Report any suspicious activities to the control room and refresh and keep all the emergency numbers handy.


Call ahead and make a booking if you intend on dining out.


Our beaches are the crown jewels of our part of the coastline. Please be the role model to our guests, adhere to the rules, and swim only at designated beaches where lifeguards are present. Strictly no consuming of alcohol on our beaches.


Enjoy your home, garden, swimming pool and view even more this season. Have a braai, have guests over, play board games, read a book, or build a puzzle. Spend quality time with your loved ones without having to cope with rowdy crowds. Aren’t we the lucky ones for having the benefit of our beautiful Dolphin Coast all year round!


Take a breath, kick your feet up, and recharge your batteries. This too shall pass.


Finally, have a wonderful festive season and wishing you all a healthy and happy new year.


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