The time to stand up and be counted, is right now! Save Townsend Park.

KwaDukuza Municipality has not responded to the legal letter submitted by DOCRRA, on the nonprocedural sale of Butterfly Park at Townsend Park, Ballito.


To make your voice heard, download the sample Objection Letter we have provided, and add your personal details and reasons.  Send the letter to KDM and copy DOCRRA (details on the letter).  In addition, you can complete our Petition.


Please treat this as urgent as the closing date for these submissions is 15 December 2022.


Please share on as many community forums as you can.


For more information click here:


“What we allow, will continue”.

25 Responses

  1. I vehemently object as due process was not followed. It also appears that the lands true value is much higher

  2. Townsend park and the natural forest is a well used public open space and it’s the only large park in the area.
    What we allow will continue.

  3. if the KDM wants to sell off land then advertise and let us all be able to bid on it…the zoning must be clear as to what we can build on the site…commercial residential.etc.

  4. Leave the towns green area alone for what it is intended for. Our Rates monies keep the area clean.
    This area is not going to be sold to a spesific group of people. If you the municipality want to do something good BUILD A PROPER COMMUNITY HALL FOR ALL TOWNS PEOPLE.

  5. The sale of the land is irregular. It is being sold “unconditionally” at below market price to an organisation that has no of little support in Ballito. Meaning this would bring in persons into this area, increasing traffic and noise levels for its residents. No provision is being made in the agreement to prohibit the “on sale” of this valuable piece of land for profit by the organisation buying it either.

    The sale of this land for any purposes should be prohibited. The need for green spaces and community parks are essential. Surely more suitable land can be found for this place of worship. The rights of the residents objecting to the erection of this place of worship are not less than those in favour. But on balance there are more objecting than in favour of and that should give clear direction to the council.

  6. Absolutely not for sale. This is just another plan to destroy Ballito and its surrounds. Townsend Patk was designed as an open Green and recreational area. LEAVE IT AS IT IS!

  7. I object. We believe the infrastructure of Ballito cannot handle more development and we need to save and keep some natural areas.

  8. Do not encroach on this parkland and natural green space – many enjoy it as it is as public open space. Due process must also be followed before any sale of such land.

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