Letter from DOCRRA Chairman

Due to recent increase of drinking and disturbances being experienced on our Dolphin Coast beaches, DOCRRA has explored the bylaws that are in place as well as what plans are in progress to address these issues.
DOCRRA is delighted that our well-structured organisations on the Dolphin Coast (BNW, SRNW, CPF, UIP Ilembe Business Chamber) are meeting and discussing legal, sustainable and implementable initiatives to prevent and mitigate the abuse, by persons using and abusing alcohol, of our public amenities, beaches and public spaces. DOCRRA is also aware of several “freelance” and “independent” initiatives that have or are being implemented, however, urge these concerned people and organisations, to join their resources with our established, experienced, connected and sustainable organisations.
There seems to be a concern whether the relevant bylaws are in place to underpin any action and whether it is the responsibility of KDM through the Metro Police, or whether it is the domain of SAPS.
This is what the DOCRRA preliminary and current research on this issue reveals:
Bylaws – There does not appear to be any specific “Behaviour on beaches” bylaw in KDM. However:

Provincial Ordinance –A Comprehensive Ordinance has been published in the KZN Provincial Gazette to be used in areas where there are no bylaws, or where bylaws do not cover specific issues. However, it does not specifically cover what the two bylaws above do. It does, nevertheless, cover “stop and search” activities by properly authorised officials.
COGTA – COGTA (Department of Co-Operative Government and Traditional Affairs) drafted a document containing a set of bylaws for Municipalities(2016) to use, and it seems that these have been accepted by KDM – awaiting confirmation. It includes:

KZN Liquor Act 2014 – The last and probably strongest legislation comes from the KZN Liquor Act 2014.

We, DOCRRA, will continue to promote and protect the interests of all residents and ratepayers within the jurisdiction of the Dolphin Coast area. However, the more community representation and support we have, the more influence we have. Therefore, we urge you to become a member of DOCRRA.

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