28 July KDM Council Meeting: KwaDukuza Deserves Better

The team of 5 DOCRRA executive committee members, who attended the KwaDukuza Council meeting on 28 July, were shocked and saddened to witness the chaos and eventual abandonment of the meeting. 

DOCRRA wishes to reiterate that it is a non-political organisation and does not favour, nor oppose, any political party. The focus of DOCRRA is to ensure the efficient functioning of the KwaDukuza Municipality, and service delivery that the residents and ratepayers have paid for, and deserve. We understand the role of Council and the political processes and remedies available to give leadership, guidance and oversight.  Although change to the status quo would be welcome, we understand that this is not easy and will take time. What transpired at this meeting, however, was frankly an embarrassment, and does not benefit the residents of our municipality.

Our concern is that this political impasse is a further hindrance to the KDM administrators to deliver the already-compromised services the community requires and pays for. We expect our elected councillors in KwaDukuza to soon find a workable solution to carry out their sworn duty and election promises.

The opposition parties in Council are finding their feet and are starting to effect change. Similarly, DOCRRA has achieved good traction when speaking up about service delivery and a wide range of other critical issues. It would be devastating to end up with a worse situation than we currently have. We hope and trust the political leaders will realise this, and approach this change with a workable and clear plan.

DOCRRA works and will continue to work at achieving improved service delivery, as well as having the needs and input of our members genuinely considered – with or without a current opposition coalition.

If you would like more information about DOCRRA and what we do, please reach out to us on admin@docrra.co.za.

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