KDM Executive Committee Response to recent Mayoral Statement


The Executive Committee, on its meeting of 13th of April 2022, considered a detailed Mayoral Statement, which clearly gave the management clear marching orders to deal with the crisis. The Municipal Manager convened an urgent Extended MANCO meeting after receiving concerns regarding lack of cohesiveness, coordination, and collaboration amongst various departments. This document is in response to the engagement by the senior management and their Directors, which begins to give a clear plan of data collection to inform our response plan and the report required by the Province to consolidate the request for funding from the National Disaster Fund.

In order to view the KDM Consolidated Program, click HERE.

DOCRRA remains committed to support the Dolphin Coast community by sharing relevant information, giving access for input and opinions, and exerting the influence of the Dolphin Coast community on KDM in particular.

We will continue to promote and protect the interests of all residents and ratepayers within the jurisdiction of the Dolphin Coast area. However, the more community representation and support we have, the more influence we have. Therefore, we urge you to become a member of DOCRRA.

If you are not a member of DOCRRA and would like to join DOCRRA and to be able to access these facilities, please visit https://docrra.co.za/membership/#registration today. 

The fees fund our efforts in tackling issues on behalf of the Dolphin Coast community – like engaging a legal team to advise our members with regards to property re-valuations. Please join us today – your contribution goes a long way to assisting our community and protecting the rights of our community.

If you require more information, please contact us on admin@docrra.co.za


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