As reported in the media, our water service provider, Siza Water, eventually lost their protracted and multi-facetted court battle when the Constitutional Court considered the appeal on their earlier ruling. The issue is the unilateral increase of over 40% on the water tariff from Umgeni Water and the Ilembe Municipality to Siza a few years ago.

DOCRRA formed a committee to do comprehensive research on the background of the issue. Stephan Marais, with assistance from Penny Fourie and Deon Viljoen, has completed a comprehensive report which is available. Click on here to view  SIZA WATER REPORT – AUGUST 2021

At a meeting with the executive team at Siza Water, the committee could further unpack the present situation and what can be expected regarding our water tariffs and service delivery going forward.

There is currently a hiatus on when, by how much, and how our water tariffs and service will be impacted. Siza Water is waiting on answers from both Umgeni Water and the Ilembe Municipality. When this becomes clearer, Siza Water and DOCRRA will cooperate to mitigate the impact and communicate with our members.

Reliable and affordable water supply is a critical issue for DOCRRA and all the whole community. We will keep you informed on new developments.

For more information you can email admin@docrra.co.za,


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    1. DOCRRA is taking this issue seriously which is why we produced our comprehensive report.

      DOCRRA is in regular communication with the leadership at Siza Water and they will alert us as soon as there is a change in facts.

      Should you require more specific information please feel free to email our chairman Deon Viljoen on DeonV@DOCRRA.co.za

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